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Here's What Was Trending on Google in 2019

You won't believe which two keywords beat out "Royal Baby"
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It's interesting to look back at certain topics that racked up the most searches on Google throughout the past year. 

In the year 2018 top results included "World Cup" and the names of several well-known individuals who passed away. This past year the most searched term features a mixed bag of celebrities, sports stars, natural disasters and the latest entertainment and technological trends.

The newest entry in the streaming wars was the topic that most captured our attention. That is, online, at least.

It surely is worth mentioning that many of the other top searches this year included people who made the news like "Cameron Boyce", "Nipsey Hussle", "Antonio Brown", "Luke Perry", and "Jussie Smollett" were all in the top ten. The list also included "Hurricane Dorian", "Avengers: Endgame", "Game of Thrones", and "iPhone 11".

For what it’s worth, both "Baby Yoda" and "Baby Shark" beat out the "Royal Baby".

Disney+, the brand-new streaming service has been around for barely more than a month, and yet it has managed to create a curiosity among consumers, which then led to "Disney+" being on top of the list. (According to inc.com, “. . . there's no company on earth better at finding its way into the mind of an audience than Disney.”) 

The most common related searches were Disney’s partnership with Verizon that gave unlimited data customers a free year of the streaming service and the bundle with Hulu. 

Many of the top searches are related to events that happened in the community and another top search trend was related to one of the most powerful hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

Most Googled Search Terms in The UAE in 2019

1) Bangladesh vs India
2) United Arab Emirates National Day
3) Amazon UAE
4) Ramadan
5) iPhone 11
6) Thanos
7) Switch
8) Joker
9) Game of Thrones
10) Captain Marvel

Most Googled Search Terms in Saudi Arabia in 2019

1) بوابة المستقبل
2) جدارة
3) كتبي
4) مباريات الدوري السعودي
5) كاس الخليج
6) ياسر القحطاني
7) اكتتاب ارامكو
8) غصون في الوحل
9) المنتخب السعودي
10) يوم الطفل

Most Googled Search Terms in the UK in 2019

1) Rugby World Cup
2) Cricket World Cup
3) Game of Thrones
4) Chernobyl
5) Thanos
6) Notre Dame
7) Avengers Endgame
8) iPhone 11
9) Caitlyn Jenner
10) Joker

Most Googled Search Terms in India in 2019

1) Cricket World Cup
2) Lok Sabha Elections
3) Chandrayaan 2
4) Kabir Singh
5) Avengers: Endgame
6) Article 370
7) NEET results
8) Joker
9) Captain Marvel
10) PM Kisan Yojana

Most Googled Search Terms in Spain in 2019

1) Elecciones generales
2) Notre Dame
3) La caída del Muro de Berlín
4) Elecciones municipales
5) Black Friday
6) Lotería del Niño
7) Vox
8) Metro de Madrid
9) Listeriosis
10) Boda Sergio Ramos

Did you search for any of these top trends? Click here to find out if any of your searches made it to the list!

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