15.12 2019 11:18h

Botim Teams Up With ToTok Just in Time For The Holidays

And it's going to be 100% free. Here's how you can download it!
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Sigh of relief for expat families in the UAE just before Christmas.

As we know the video calling on apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Google Duo and Instagram are inhibited here. All THANKS TO TECH ELVES at ToTok, you can call your friends back home by the beach on the morning of the 25th December. This will surely get them jealous of your #view

The announcement came on the Botim app with a link to the ToTok brand to users in the region.

According to DubaiWeek ToTok appears to have come from the team behind BOTIM – as some BOTIM users were sent a text message telling them to download the new app.

Essentially customers had to subscribe to BOTIM’s VIP service for it to work in the UAE – this is not the case with ToTok.

The team at DubaiWeek tested out the app and claimed; Clear call quality, and not one single request for bank card numbers, e-credits or bitcoin.

The ToTok’s developer head office is in Singapore, and their support team has a .ai email domain. It’s currently had over five million downloads from the Google Play store alone which surely means – IT WORKS.

The App is described on app store as “a FREE, fast, and secure calling and messaging app. ToTok provides FREE voice and video calling, enabling you to communicate with your family and friends anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi/4G/3G/EDGE as available).”

Emphasis on FREE!

Guess what else you can do? You can call 20 people at once in a group call that too in HD quality!

Download the ToTok app on Android and IOS

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