16.12 2019 12:12h

Facebook Shares A New Report Just in Time For 2020

Here's what was trending in 2019 from Facebook IQ
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Just in time for the new year Facebook has published an overview of key topics and trends which is expected to generate more discussion and interest as we head on into 2020.

According to Social Media Today, the social networking giant published a 30 page ebook based on its research and data from the past two years.

The platform has taken its research a step further this year and, in addition to its own data sources, has partnered with several third-party groups to validate its findings.

The report is an expanded and refined version of Facebook's monthly "Hot Topics" and "Topics to Watch" reports, and is split into seven categories:

• Beauty & Fashion
• Commerce
• Entertainment
• Food & Drink
• Mind & Body
• Science & Technology
• Travel & Leisure

According to SocialMediaToday.com ". . . previous research has shown that this can be highly relevant when predicting shifts that go on to become significant trends."

The report highlights three key sub-themes signifying the key areas to watch, based on current trend insights. Each sub-trend also has a popularity chart for each key topic within it, which is a reflection of growth in conversations over two years along with the demographic terms who discussed each topic.

There surely is a lot of interesting data insight in the report which can help fuel your strategic planning to gain momentum in the coming year.

You can download the "2019 Topics and Trends Report" here!

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