17.12 2019 12:36h

6 Social Media Apps To Look Out For In 2020

Not the usual suspects
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There are dozens of social media apps within app stores – and we’re not talking about the usual suspects like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We’ve rounded up five new platforms social media fanatics should be on the lookout for going into 2020.
Check them out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Best known as a popular photo-editing app VSCO has been taking social media by storm, especially amongst the Gen-Z demographic. 2019 saw the rise of the VSCO girl, as young people flocked to the platform looking for an alternative to other, ahem, popular photo-sharing platforms.

According to WebWise ". . . unlike many other social media apps, there is limited social interaction [within VSCO]. Users cannot like or comment on posts, and follower metrics are not shown publicly. However, users are privately notified if somebody 'favourites', or shares their image to a ‘Collection.'"

WebWise also notes that the app has a direct messaging feature, allowing users to send text and share image links with other VSCOers. All profiles are public and, by default, the location information is included on all content uploaded to the platform. 

Download VSCO here.


How can we talk about rising apps and not mention TikTok. The short-form video sharing platform (that reminds many of us of Vine) has taken the social media world by storm in 2019 and we’re expected it to only increase in popularity, especially going into 2020.

TikTok stands apart from other video creating platforms with their musical overlays the music library is full of options; music (multiple languages) or dialouges (from literally any movie you'd like) and memes which, fyi, are absolutely hilarious.

Apart from the music overlays, users can add fun effects and trending AR filters to create some spectacular content.

Download TikTok here.


Photo-sharing platform Vero has been around for over a year now and is extremely popular within niche markets and industries when it comes to sharing photos and videos with other users. The platforms claim to have no ads, no data mining and no algorithms.

Users can choose from 4 categories while sharing content and can also choose to share content with their close friends, friends, acquaintances or followers.

Download Vero here.


Steemit combines blockchain technology, social media and cryptocurrency for the creation of user-generated content and community building.

It rewards users through cryptocurrency-Steem, pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, along with the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work.

Download Steemit here.


Social broadcasting platform, created by an ex-Apple designer, focuses on gaming, entertainment and creative arts.

Viewers and users have the liberty to interact (comment and share emojis) during a live broadcast. You can watch live streams with your friends or create your own shows for your fans.

Download Caffeine here. 


Is a standalone app for short form videos, where users can share videos that could be related to anything from fitness to beauty to comedy!

It was formally launched under Facebooks umbrella and the platform lets you login through Facebook and post content directly on Instagram and Facebook.

Download LASSO here. 

Which of these apps caught you attention? Be sure to explore and play around with these rising social media platform and maybe even earn some Steem Money...

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.
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