16.12 2019 14:25h

PlayStation Turns 25 Today!

A huge Happy Birthday to the gaming empire
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We're feeling all kinds of nostalgia today as PlayStation turns 25!

It's been twenty-five years since the very first PlayStation hit store shelves, first in Japan and less than a year later in the rest of the world.

“Over the past 25 years, PlayStation has stood at the forefront as gaming,  It’s truly humbling to see fans who grew up on PlayStation passing down their love of gaming to their children, who are now playing on PS4,” gematsu.com reports.

Media Molecule dreamt up a special birthday surprise for PlayStation. Check out what Media Molecule came up with by watching the video below.


Can you imagine how many PlayStations have been sold since 25 years? MILLIONS... yes that's right!

According The Verge ". . . PS2, which went on to sell more than 150 million units, making it the best-selling home console of all time. Even today, with increased competition from an array of gadgets, the PS4 has passed the plateau of 100 million units sold to sit snugly in second place behind its predecessor."

25 years is long time and many of us have had fond memories playing games with our friends on our PlayStation consoles. 

Happy Birthday PlayStation!

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Photo Credits: PlayStation.


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