18.12 2019 10:46h

Instagram Officially Launches New Layout Feature for Stories

Here's how you can share up to six images within ONE Story
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2019 has been a year full of new features on social media.

From augmented reality to anti-bullying campaigns to fun filters, our favorite social media platforms have been pulling out all the stops in order to keep users spending more time on their respective platform.

But before the decade wraps up, Instagram has pulled one more trick out of their bag...

The photo-, Story- and video-sharing platform Instagram will soon allow users to share multiple images within one Story.

Officially dubbed “Layout” mode, the update will enables users to upload to not one, not two, but up to six images at a time via a variety of different grid patterns: a four-box layout, a six-box layout, and two layouts each with three boxes and two boxes.

For now it appears the feature will be limited only to photographs and can’t be optimized for video content (but you never know what the future has in store!)

As per Social Media Today “…The Layout option was first spotted in testing by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong back in August, while a more recent version was spotted in the live app by researcher Satyam Sinha just last week.”

As seen in the tweet above, the “Layout” mode is going to look like this once it’s rolled out officially to all users. Interesting isn’t it?

We are surely in anticipation of what more do social media apps have in store this year as we are almost about to enter 2020, do let us know in the comments where your imagination takes you.

Ahead of the holiday season, it won’t be a surprise to see Instagram roll out a couple more of its 'in-testing' features to capitalize on all that extra time we have on our hands.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock


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