18.12 2019 15:35h

YouTube Music is Rolling Out Personalized Playlists

A whole new way of experiencing new music
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YouTube Music has a Christmas surprise: it's just rolled out its first personalized playlists to all subscribers.

YouTube’s “Discover Mix and New Release Mix” was spotted by some subscribers back in September, but it is now available for all alongside a third personalized playlist called “Your Mix.”

The new update is a take on YouTube Music’s rival Spotify that creates playlists for users and appears to be very similar to a certain Spotify feature.

“Discover Mix” is meant to introduce you to new artists and lesser-known tracks from artists. It’s similar to Spotify’s weekly mix is that features 30 tracks, but YouTube’s is bound to feature 50.

Spotify updates the list on Mondays, but YouTube is to release “Discover Mix” on Wednesdays.

Let us know what you think of the "Discover" 2020 playlist below...

Similar to Spotify’s Radar playlist the “New Release Mix” will be include recent releases with some picks YouTube Music thinks subscribers would fancy. Spotify released the radar playlist on Friday, YouTubers version will update constantly as artists put out music.

Which means for those who don’t use Spotify, don’t worry YouTube’s got you sorted, for those who use both get pumped up for Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday!

According to Tech Crunch ". . . the longer you listen on YouTube Music, the better the mixes will get. But YouTube says it can offer personalized mixes as soon as a user selects a couple of artists they like during the setup process or after they listen to a couple of songs.”

The update has rolled out for users across iOS, Android and web users.

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