23.12 2019 14:30h

Facebook is all set to roll out holiday theme features

It's probably going to snow in UAE this festive season
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Have you gotten into your festive mode – all fuzzy and warm? If you’re not feeling festive yet… Facebook has just what you need to get inspired for the holiday season. 

Facebook has announced a new feature to engage you in the spirit of the season via the messenger app with its new set of holiday-themed features for Messenger.

As explained by Facebook

"This holiday season, Messenger has several filters to help you get into the festive spirit. You can show off your impressive holiday cookies with a lights-themed soft focus filter, or share a photo from Hawaii or Dubai with “snow” in the background."

That means even if you’re in UAE where there’s no snow… Facebook messenger has you covered.#letitsnow

Let us know in the comments if you come across any festive filters on Facebook

The update is user friendly just as all the other updates on the social media networking platform this year round… all you need to do is tap the camera icon in your Messenger app and swipe left to discover ones that best suit your holiday self.

Along with the festive feature Facebook's also added a new “Messenger Stories archive.” If that was enough, Facebook will be rolling out holiday stickers over the next few weeks. 

Consider this as... Facebook's holiday gifts to its 1.3 billion users! Happy Holidays, hope you enjoy the update and be sure to share your festive stories with your friends and family through messenger.

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