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How An 8-Year-Old Became The Highest Paid Creator on YouTube

He beat out some of the biggest names on the platform
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Who would have thought an eight-year-old would ever beat out the likes of PewDiePie at anything, let alone earning the big bucks as a star content creator on YouTube?!?

It clearly goes on to show how Generation Alpha (i.e. the Generation that will come after Gen-Z) are naturals when it comes to creating content and Ryan Kaji from Ryan’s World is leading the way.

Kaji has recently topped this year’s list of who’s making the most money on the platform, racking in a cool $26 million in branded collaborations, Ad Sense and much more.

According to Forbes, the child YouTube sensation rose to fame in the “unboxing” genre, opening presents in front of the camera while adorably comments on what he receives.

"Ryan Toys Review” debuted in 2015, and has now been rebranded as a children’s channel on the video-sharing platform; “Ryan’s World” has over 23 million subscribers and counting.

And he’s not the only child racking in the cash on the platform.

Anastasia, who goes by “Nastya,” now has 107 million subscribers across her seven channels who have watched her videos 42 billion times.

According to Forbes ". . . she is No. 3, which tallies pretax income collected from advertisements, sponsored content, merchandise sales, tours and more." That’s a pretty good for a 5-year-old, but not quite as good as the elder child influencer. The kids surely are killing it as they beat big names in the YouTube industry.

Here are the Top ten YouTube earners for 2019, according to Forbes' estimates. Check them out below and let us know yoru thoughts in the comments.

#1 | Ryan Kaji - $26 million

Star of the moment, millionaire and sitting on top of the list #likeaboss. "Ryan World" is also a channel featured in the Top 100 most subscribed channel in the USA. 

#2 | Dude Perfect - $20 million 

Five friends in their 30s—Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney—play sports, perform stunts and break Guinness World Records.

#3 | Anastasia Radzinskaya - $18 million

The Russian-born 5-year-old, films videos in seven languages with videos in Russian, English, and Spanish that feature her playing with her dad. Her channels ‘Like Nastya Vlog’ and ‘Funny Stacy’ boast nearly 70 million subscribers in total.

#4 | Rhett and Link - $17.5 million

Two of YouTube’s first stars, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, who happen to be food channel hosts and expanded their brand of comedy to four channels, podcast, books and, own multichannel network Smosh

#5 | Jeffree Star - $17 million

Jeffree Star reviews a lot of beauty products,  a former makeup artist and beauty brand founder, his standards for quality are VERY high — so if he likes something, his fans know that it's good.

#6 | Preston (Preston Arsement) - $14 million

One of two newcomers on this year’s list, Preston Arsement, best known for his channels TBNRfrags and Preston in which he frequently posts videos featuring the games Fortnite, Minecraft and Call of Duty.

#7 (tie) | PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) - $13 million

Once YouTube’s top-earning star, the gamer, who was born Felix Kjellberg. As we already know he's got the second most subscribers in the world (has the most subscribed non-company channel)... due to the hyped up war again T-Series.

#7 (tie) | Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) - $13 million

Mark Fischbach AKA “Markiplier,” is a favorite for sponsors who are looking to reach the gaming community. Fiscbach gained fame through, uploading videos of him and his friends playing and commenting on video games within his videos. 

#9 | DanTDM (Daniel Middleton) - $12 million

The British Minecraft and Fortnite player has long been one of the most popular on YouTube. Dan also happens to be most subscribed and most viewed YouTuber from the United Kingdom.

#10 | VanossGaming (Evan Fong) - $11.5 million

“VanossGaming,” has successfully notched over 1.5 billion views, with his videos of Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. He reached his peak in 2014, when he gained 6.6 million subscribers in that year alone, at one point gaining a million subscribers a month.

The listing underlines the popularity of gaming-related content on YouTube, with the latter five with gaming as a common factor. It also features beauty mogul Jeffery Star who is known for his makeup video and makeup range.

The list highlights that kids like Ryan and Anastasia have become household names as kids now a days are clearly addicted to YouTube videos!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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