08.01 2020 11:29h

Facebook revamps the 'Privacy Check-Up' Tool to Clarify Which Elements You Can Control

Forget Portal, Facebook is marketing itself as a privacy crusader.
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Facebook has announced a “refresh of its 'Privacy Check-Up' tool”, which highlights how your data is used and what you can do to limit exposure of your personal information.

Facebook has announced a “refresh of its 'Privacy Check-Up' tool”, which highlights how your data is used and what you can do to limit exposure of your personal information.

When Privacy Checkup was first created in 2014, there were three key areas of focus: "who could see your posts” “what kind of information was on your profile” “the third-party apps, such as mobile games”. The tool has now evolved into eight different topics divided into four distinct areas. The revamped Privacy Check-Up has been split into four sections, with clarified language around each aspect.

Each section includes tips on strengthening your account security on each aspect and an overview of how your information is portrayed on the platform.

As per Social Media Today “…The point-by-point listing, with control options on each, makes it easier than ever for users to manage what information they share, while the Check-Up also includes password security tips, information you share via on-platform search, and the apps and websites which you've allowed to access your Facebook profile.”

After all that Facebook has been up to recently, only half of Facebook's US user base bothered to take any action on their privacy settings at all.

According to Social Media Today, “...Facebook semi-regularly prompts users to clarify their data settings via Privacy Check-Up posts which appear in the News Feed - and now, with this new format, it should be easier than ever for people to understand each element, and how it applies to their Facebook information.”

The new format makes it easier to understand and control each element, but the question here is - are people going to use it? Facebook leaves it to its users, on how they want to deal with privacy-related issues, they, however, are constantly working to tools to make it easier for users to control their privacy on the platform.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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