09.01 2020 11:57h

Great News For TikTokers As The Platform Launches A New 'Music Tab'

When launched the feature will let users share songs from artist’s profiles.
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They say you are what you eat... we would like to add on that thought, YOU ARE WHAT YOU LISTEN TO!

The key to TikTok the short video app’s rise has been music, now TikTok is about to test out a new way to improve music discovery, with artists such as Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello and so on’s songs listed on selected, verified musician profiles.

The new test sees a third “music” tab added to artist profiles- all users have to do is tap on the music note icon to the and users will have access to a listing of all of the artists songs that are available in the app, users can then tap through to use these songs in their videos.

The feature can help the app build better connections with artists, by giving them more profile options to help promote their music.

According to reports on Social Media Today, “…For musicians, the music tab is more about promotion, but by providing a broader platform for establishing fan connection, it may make TikTok a more appealing proposition, and keep them logging in.”

TikTok is gradually providing more ways for influential users to drive consumer behavior, and build their brands on the platform, helps in keeping the motivation levels high to create more content.

All you need to do is tap on a song from a TikTok video which will take you a listing of all the other videos in the app, followed by that simply tap 'Use this sound' to add the same song to your content.

TikTok's working hard through its aggressive monetization efforts, and add-on features, hoping that it can create a more viable, profitable, and beneficial marketplace for its top creators, to keep them, and their fans, engaged in the app similar to competitive apps like Youtube/Instagram.

We can't wait to see how TikTokers use the new feature, the question still stands at does the monetization efforts have any return? We'll have to wait and find out.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.
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