12.01 2020 08:36h

Snapchat's new feature "Scan" can solve math problems with your camera

Why point and shoot when you can point and interact.
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Photo-and-video sharing platform Snapchat has some exciting news for users!

“Scan” launched early last year available in the UAE now. Your Snapcaht camera will now morph into an augmented reality platform - and it has so much potential for both Snap and its users. Apart from Snapchat's filters wherein you can puke a rainbow, or overlay your Bitmoji avatar onto your surroundings, now you can do a lot more. Let us find out what and how!

Snap rolled out an initiative called "Scan" early last year, and it was available to several users, now it's made available to users in UAE. The augmented reality platform “Scan” will feature a partnership with Photomath, helping users solve math problems just by pointing their camera at the problem similar to the Shazam feature that exists on the platform.

This isn’t exactly new territory for Snapchat. “Scan” represents an ambitious step forward in that kind of thinking. Snapchat is exploring to make its app generate revenue as the end goal of any feature is to boost user engagement and increase advertising revenue.

The platform launched "Landmarkers", which uses point cloud data from user-submitted Stories of major landmarks to power animated AR transformations of famous places including – Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, LA’s Chinese Theater, DC’s Capitol Building, and NYC’s Flatiron Building can shoot lightning and more.

We hope the feature incorporates our favorite landmarks The Burj Khalifa!

According to Tech Crunch“…75 per cent of Snap’s 186 million daily users play with Lenses each day. Snap even revealed at an event this week that, In the US, Snapchat now reaches nearly 75 percent of all 13- to 34-year-olds, and we reach 90 percent of 13 to 24-year-olds".

Snapchat will no longer only attract users, but also developers as well to “Scan” further…

We surely can’t wait to see how the region users explore the “Scan” feature and we are eager to see if Burj Khalifa joins the landmark list within the app!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.
Photo Credits: Unsplash.


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