14.01 2020 11:04h

News Flash: Twitch Isn't Just For Gamers

Niche market content creators are making a name for themselves on the platform
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What are YOU tuning into this weekend? Don’t know? Planning on watching Netflix? Maybe a YouTube video or two? 

Well, live-gaming-platform Twitch has a massive breakthrough, as it has gained popularity with, ahem, the non-gamer content creator set within the past few months. 

Multiple artists, singers, craftspeople, musicians, and vloggers have found their home on Twitch from the looks of it.

Twitch has a few categories that focus on non-gaming related content.

Check them out below...


Highlights videos that include: creating paintings, illustrations, animation, comics, photography, and more.

Food & Drink

From cooking to eating and everything and in between, it includes the creation, culture, or consumption of food and drinks.

Music & Performing Arts

This category is for when you’re dancing, singing, composing music and more.

Beauty & Body Art

This category is for beauty and makeup enthusiasts who like streaming makeup, skincare, body painting, tattooing, and more.

Science & Technology

This category for those who are interested in streaming activities like software development, game design, science experiments, engineering, or robotics.

Just Chatting

Designed for conversations between streamers and viewers, Q&As, or live vlogging.

Travel & Outdoors

For all you travellers… the videos range from exploring a new city to just hanging out in your hometown

Sports & Fitness

This categoryis for those who are into fitness and gymming, or even just watching you play games (except its outdoors).

Special Events

Streams of events like TwitchCon, E3, and PAX.

Talk Shows & Podcasts

This category is for all the podcasters out there or TV show hosts for a matter of fact.


A centralized place for ASMR content, I don’t know how I feel about that… for those of you with misophonia, I strongly suggest you do not browse through this category.

Makers & Crafting

This category is for any DIY projects from making costumes to sewing to sculpture to woodwork, metalwork, and more.

According to Social Media Today, “. . . in essence, Twitch is becoming a more general live-streaming hub, where it’s legion of fans are growing more accustomed to live-streaming as a means of communication and interaction, not just as an avenue to explore games.”

In the day and age of Facebook and YouTube having massive reach amongst consumers, Twitch surely does have the potential to grow as a platform for branding and marketing. Twitch stands out and can be seen as authentic as it is live-streaming which means no editing or no filter. It’s raw and honest… be sure to let us know your take.

Engagement on Twitch is likely to increase over a period of time as according to Social Media Today, “Twitch users watched 660 billion minutes of content overall in 2019, up from 560 billion in 2018, it's likely becoming an increasingly viable, and attractive, content option for viewers over time, which could lead to increased engagement.”

It will be quite interesting to see how businesses use Twitch as a platform – businesses should look into live-streaming as an outreach option, with a broader set of people becoming more accustomed to the format of Twitch.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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