16.01 2020 10:27h

Tipping on Twitter Might Become A Reality Very Soon

You could soon start earning some extra cryptocurrency by simply tweeting
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Twitter is finally picking up the pace to stay up-to-date and looking into innovation and rolling out options to improve the experience on Twitter.

Over a period of time they have conversational features (monitor who replies to your tweet)... BUT now the brand new feature is the new “tipping” option which does the following- improved identification of trolls, tweaks for lists, and more.

It may come as little surprise that Twitter is now looking at its payment from cryptocurrency as an option, with tipping via tweet, which reminds us of Facebook’s on-platform payments.

As reported by The Information on Social Media Today, "…Twitter is considering a feature that will allow users to tip - sending each other money from their tweets - according to two people familiar with the company’s decisions. Twitter and Square already partner to let users make donations to politicians through tweets, according to company filings."

The capacity to exchange money via tweet could have significant implications for the service and may provide a whole new revenue stream to popular tweet creators.

Sounds Interesting! It is somewhat like the bitcoin trend which was the talk of the town but died down  little by little gradually.

Will this feature be a hit? Maybe not. The value might negate because it may reduce exposure because you were able to charge people to see your tweets - which is not currently the proposal, as Twitter's strength lies in its capacity to be able to contribute to public discourse, to have your say on any given topic and add that into the wider Twitter stream.

The option can be a pro in the case of those share adult content on the platform - however, the capacity to raise funds via tweet has various opportunities.

Only time will tell how much of hit or a miss the new "tipping" option as it rolls out to Twitter users. We surely hope it does as it a great opportunitity to improve the platform.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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