19.01 2020 14:42h

What's Trending On TikTok Right Now

This new series will keep YOU up to date about what's going down on TikTok
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Wondering what's new on TikTok this week? We're here to keep you in the know on all things trending on TikTok.

Every Sunday, we'll share what's trending on the platform. From fun challenges to viral posts, ITP Live will bring you "What's Trending on TikTok Right Now" on a weekly basis.

Get a taste of the most popular and exciting content heating up inside TikTok created by some the region's most well-known TikTokers.

What's Trending On TikTok Right Now



انا كتير آسفة#foryoupage (Who asked for translation)

♬ Original sound - vbankzs



اسمعوا اذا اختفيت ادرو انه ذبحني criminalksa #تيم_لول #فهط

♬ Magic - Yung Gravy



حافظوا على نظافة البيئة Together for a sustainable future! #WeAreCommitted #ADSW #dxbkd

The Nights - Avicii



ام محمد محد يمزح معها



في شي غلط صح؟ (meeeero1 ) (dooj214 ) #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #

Lalala - İlkan Gunuc Remix - danilla_carvalho

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Photo credit: Shutterstock and TikTok.


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