06.02 2020 11:32h

Emoji Reactions Will Soon Be Sliding into Your Twitter DMs

But is the micro-blogging platform taking a page out of Facebook's playbook? You decide.
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Twitter is adding a heart + button which is available on the direct message option. 

Users can now react to text via a heart button or just double tap the missive to bring up the reaction menu. They will be able to choose from a full line-up of reaction emoji: crying lol, shocked/surprised, actually sad, heart, flame, thumb up and thumb down.

According to Tech Crunch “…the flame is perhaps slightly surprising for a company that has publicly professed to wanting to improve the conversational health of its platform.” 

Twitter jumping on the emoji reaction to move closer to rivals like Facebook and we are surely a fan of the competitive spirit.

You can now react to an incoming DM by sending whatever emoji or a combination of emoji.

So get on and adjust your notification and DM settings accordingly. Twitter had previously teased users via a tweet of emojis available to react as you can see below

Users still running an older version of Twitter will see a standard text emoji message per reaction sent.

What are your thoughts? Slide into our comments.

Photo Credits: Unsplash


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