28.01 2020 12:07h

How Not To Get Hacked on WhatsApp

Here's how to avoid "social hacking"
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The easier an account is to set up the easier it is to get hacked, don’t be a victim to social media hacking on your Whatsapp account! Thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp is simple to set up an extra layer so security to your account if your six digit activation code gets compromised.

These security options offer another layer of security and protection for your account in case someone manages to trick you into sharing your security code, which happens to be known as “social hacking.”

Hypothetically, having your Whatsapp account taken over should be a relatively easy challenge to resolve by just entering your phone number into the app and have it send you another six digit code. However, this is where the problem arises, as the hackers can spam your number with a variety of incorrect six-digit codes so you get locked out of your account for around 12 hours max. If you hadn’t set up a security PIN of your own, the attacker is free to set up one of their own into your account thus locking you out of your Whatsapp account for seven days, according to The Verge.

Here are the two rules to remember with the utmost importance:

1. Never share your six-digit Whatsapp code with anyone because nobody has a good and legal reason to ask for that code.

2. Set up a security PIN in order to put a barrier in place to stop someone from logging into your account.

How to set up security to your Whatsapp account:

• Open Whatsapp and tap the three dots on the top right of your screen.

• Hit “Settings” -> “Account” and select “Two Step Verification”

• Click “Enable” and then put in a six-digit PIN of your choice.

• This step is not required but as a precaution add an email address in order to recover your account in the case you forget your PIN.

Keep your account safe from social hackers by following these steps as nobody wants to be a victim in the hands of hackers. 

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