28.01 2020 12:38h

Naomi D'Souza Celebrates in the Desert with Nissan

Huge congratulations are in order...
NIssan, Naomi D'Souza

Wedding bells are echoing throughout the desert as Naomi D’Souza (@naomi_dsouza) and her fiancé, Jacob, took a trip to the desert to celebrate their engagement.

The desert trip brought up some feelings of nostalgia for D’Souza, as she had owned a Nissan Super Safari for eight years so trying out the new one was a great way to bring back those memories. In addition to the Nissan, Thomas and D’Souza had been to the desert once when they were friends; hence, the feelings of nostalgia and the intention to return as a newly-engaged couple.

The Nissan Super Safari has accompanied and helped D’Souza out on one of her biggest adventures and milestones in life. As the Nissan Patrol Super Safari is known to be a world class adventurer, a legendary off-roader which makes it perfect for the desert and a crucial part of the U.A.E.’s culture.

The local blogger and foodie influencer Naomi D’Souza are officially #couplegoals, as D’Souza posted a photo of her sitting atop the roof of a Nissan Super Safari looking lovingly at her fiancé. Keep up with the up and coming adventures of Naomi D’Souza as she drives the latest of Nissan’s famous car models.

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Photo credit: Naomi D'Souza.


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