29.01 2020 10:30h

Facebook Teasers Released for Upcoming Super Bowl Ad

Get ready to connect with Facebook’s first-ever Super Bowl ad
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The lead up to the Super bowl event starts this week, as Facebook has released a series of teasers for its Super Bowl ads which feature the comedian Chris Rock. These ads are set to focus on niche communities and the way Facebook connects them.

The theme and concept of the ad remains quite vague – for example, there is a scene of a rocket launch with Chris Rock and a group of children.

Chris Rock doing push-ups in another scene:

Then there's a shot of a rock collection:

Well, that’s basically the gist of it - the theme seems to revolve around the different interpretation of "rock" but Facebook is keeping it a mystery as they withhold the whole 60 second video and release teasers instead.. As, Facebook is already used by some 70% of American adults as well as the fact that more than a billion Facebook users are active members of groups.

Facebook is most likely planning to help shift public perception and reignite excitement about its groups’ product, according to Social Media Today. Facebook might be going for a shot of nostalgia in order to connect people to long lost interests of their pasts and bring even more of them to connect with each other.

Initially people began using Facebook because it was known to be fun, and it connects people to other people who are interested in similar hobbies, topics, music, etc. Facebook’s main push is to remind people of the benefits of Facebook and why it is good to connect with the community and others regarding topics and hobbies you have in common with them, according to Social Media Today.

"We'll leverage our platform first and foremost," Antonio Lucio, Facebook’s CMO says.

"And then we'll leverage things like Twitter, and then we'll leverage things like YouTube, as well, just like any other advertiser will do it."

Facebook’s Super Bowl ad is part of a campaign called “More Together” which had started in 2019, according to Adage. It was not a stunt meant to generate buzz, says Antonio Lucio.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash


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