02.02 2020 09:50h

Snapchat and Facebook have launched Super Bowl-Themed Filters

It's going to be a touchdown with Snapchat and Facebook's new filters this weekend!
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This upcoming weekend sparks excitement for the Super Bowl LIV will begin and what better way to get involved online than by using the new visual features Snapchat ad Facebook have introduced to show users’ support!

Firstly, Facebook is adding a new set of camera filters and stickers on Messenger; these stickers and filters were designed in a partnership with the NFL including its “Endzone filter” for the Messenger videos and stories, according to Social Media Today.

“With the Endzone filter, you’ll be able to picture yourself as a wide receiver from the Niners or the Chiefs catching the game-winning Hail Mary to get your team the Lombardi Trophy,” according to Facebook. “And with the Fan filter, you’ll feel like you’re at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami celebrating your team’s triumph.”

Users in the United States, United Kindom, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Mexico will be the only ones with access to the limited time filters and stickers of Facebook and Snapchat.

Snapchat has added a range of Super Bowl features, as well as a Marker Lens in order to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season. In addition to the Marker Lens, Snapchat has also added an image-recognition based lens which provides related content based on the NFL images its users scan. Snapchat is also looking to add more image-recognition based tools, such as ads, and the new NFL Lens is another way for Snapchat to showcase its evolving capacity in this aspect.

Snapchat is also hosting NFL-partnered content on its Discover page which will include feature previews, game highlights and much more which will all be updated in “near real-time” on Super Bowl Sunday.

Twitter has introduced a “hashflag” which will automatically be attached to Super Bowl-themed tweets using the hashtag ‘#SBLIV’ and this has become the norm for major sporting events on Twitter’s platform.

However, Instagram has not announced any official themed updates as of yet, according to Social Media Today.

With this excitement for the Super Bowl LIV builds up, there is a new range of way for fans to participate on social media thanks to the new filters introduced by Facebook and Snapchat.

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Photo Credit: Unspalsh


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