03.02 2020 10:19h

Instagram is Testing out Emoji Reactions for its Direct Messages

Emoji reactions coming to an account near you...
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Instagram is reportedly testing out quick emoji reactions for direct messages for its users on the application.

Instagram’s new DM reactions are currently only available in test mode to internal employees, according to a tweet from reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane). Non-employees as mentioned will only see the “heart” response at this stage in the test.

As Twitter recently launched its DM reaction tools, given its availability to similar response functions on other messaging platforms such as Facebook, it makes sense for Instagram to move in and catch up. As it aps into habitual messaging behaviour in order to encourage more engagement. On the other hand, Instagram already has a “quick reactions” emoji response process for its stories that allow user engagement in a different way.

In makes sense in the terms of Facebook’s broader vision for a fully integrated back-end, which allows users to be able to message each other across different platforms. In this scenario, Facebook – which already provides Messenger and reactions within it – will need to facilitate the same functionality in all of its messaging surfaces. In addition to Instagram, it is also reported that WhatsApp is working on bringing in Emoji reactions as well.

Since Instagram has only begun testing the feature fully it might be a while before it is actually rolled out to the users, according to Wong. In addition to reporting this, Wong followed up stating that Instagram has been working on the option since October last year.

The functionality of emoji reactions seems fairly limited to potential brand use; however, recent research has shown that consumers and users do respond positively to brand emoji use. Either way this is another feature within Instagram users would look forward to in the near future.

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Photo Credit: Unspalsh.


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