03.02 2020 10:11h

Snapchat's Bitmoji TV Will Make You The Star of Your Own Show

Here's how you can become the leading star in your own series
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Get ready to be an actor/actress on your own show as Snapchat has announced the launch of Bitmoji TV.

Bitmoji TV is a brand new, fully animated show starring Snapchat users and their friends. The show is a fully personalized entertainment feature that puts the users and their friends in a TV show of a certain genre. This show offers a unique and interesting experience for each viewer.

The first season of Bitmoji TV was premiered on the 1st of February, and it will include 10 episodes of an average of three minutes in its length. The new episodes will be put out weekly on Saturday morning on the Discover page to Snapchatters all around the world.

Bitmoji TV is meant to be a funny, relatable, and whacky experience that makes television critically comedic through Bitmoji’s comic-driven sense of humour. The show will feature a few stars of comedy such as Andy Richter, Jon Lovitx, and Riki Landhome whose voices can be hears throughout the first season of Bitmoji TV.

Bitmoji TV’s announcement followed the success of the Bitmoji Stories, which were personalized comic strips starring Snapchat users and their friends’ Bitmojis.

Bitmoji Stories was launched in November 2018 and it releases episodes three times a week on the Discover page. In the first month of Bitmoji Stories’ launch it was seen by over 40 million viewers and since its debut more than 100 million Snapchatters have watched Bitmoji Stories.

Snapchatters can only watch Bitmoji TV on Snapchat’s Discover page, where they can also subscribe to the show and receive notifications for the new episodes, so get ready everyone you’re all about to be your very own TV stars!

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Photo Credit: ITP.Net


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