04.02 2020 11:40h

Ritu and Rinky Are Officially Cover Girls

Double trouble in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Middle East
Rinky and Ritu Pamnani, Rinky and Ritu

Meet Cosmopolitans new cover girls... don't worry, we couldn’t tell who's who from the photos either.

Hailing from India, Twin sisters Rinky Pamnani and Ritu Pamanani were featured on the February issue of the magazine.

Rinky (@rinkipamnani3) and Ritu (@ritupamnani) are Dubai-based Instagram influencers, with a presence across YouTube and TikTok. Both are signed with Live Unite, ITP Media Group's micro-influencer platform.

Their Instagram posts are mainly about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. They also have a joined YouTube channel wherein they have 1.2K Subscribers. We really love their videos on the channel featuring a variety of videos from makeup tutorials to staycation, shopping vlogs and much more.

Apart from being identical twins biologically they also went to the same school and university and studied the same thing… they started their journey to glamour through modelling and influencing without realizing what influencers did way back in the day.

The sisters are super confident and stylish, they always encouraged their followers to stay positive and accept themselves, and they give back to their followers whenever they can. (for example, giving a full makeover to a follower.)

They also have some interesting goals, being vegan for a while now they want to be start a vegan makeup line, according to Cosmopolitan Middle East.

We love their attitude towards life, full of joy laughter and positivity. . . and very relatable as they have had a rags to riches journey at a very young and tender age.

There are somethings (shockingly) the two do separately, Rinky claims and is obviously from the looks of it loves to don bridal outfits as an Instagram and editorial bride and trust me the shots look phenomenal. And an interesting fact Rinky’s cheeks are lifted as compared to Ritu’s…

Want to more know about the twins? 

Follow them on Instagram (@rinkipamnani3 and @rinkipamnani3) and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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