05.02 2020 11:05h

Faze Clan’s New Reality Show Will Turn Your Gaming Dreams into Reality

Are you the next big gaming superstar?
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Faze Clan is about to take a unique and interesting approach to signing who they hope will become the next big gaming star.

The gaming entertainment and e-sports organizers are going to use a reality show to find their next big star. Faze Clan is a Los Angeles based company that has partnered up with the soon-to-be released streaming service Quibi in order to create Faze Up, which will be a content that will have six users of the Quibi application to compete to be the next signed Faze member. Contestants will need to subscribe to Quibi when it launches in April 2020 in order to participate.

“Utilizing its interactive mobile technology, Quibi — along with key members of the Faze Clan — will open up one potential spot on the Faze Clan team. Then, Quibi subscribers will uniquely be able to submit a video pleading their case for a chance to join the team,” reads the show’s description, according to The Verge.

“Quibi subscribers will then vote through the Quibi app for the six lucky people that deserve a shot at gamer glory. From there, contestants will travel to the Faze Clan mansion to go through a series of real-life and gaming challenges, until one gamer — selected by Faze — is left standing.”

This concept of a reality show has not been seen in the e-sports industry, as most professional video game players are scouted either through the top leaderboards and tournaments of popular games – such as Fortnite and League of Legends – or they’re already well known social media personalities with large following on Twitch and YouTube. However, a reality show approach brings a Hollywood-esque flair to the process that could appeal to a different type of gaming competitor or content creator.

Within the description for Faze Up, doesn’t state that potential participants have to be top-tier players in any games or that they should have a substantial social media presence.

The requirements for players is not strict as even the selection process depends heavily on the user submitted videos and the viewer centric voting. Which means that it could depend more on having a dynamic personality than showing impressive gaming skills, according to The Verge.

“Over the past 10 years, Faze Clan has not only contributed to the growth of the gaming lifestyle and the e-sports community, but we have broken barriers and are not afraid to disrupt the status quo,” said Oluwafemi Okusanya, Faze’s head of content, in a statement.

“In 2020, we plan to do the same with content creation and media distribution. The Faze Up show represents our next chapter in content creation with our first premium production effort.”

Faze’s brand focuses on entertainment and lifestyle as well as taking on the role as a serious e-sport competitor. As it maintains six funded and talented pro teams across a variety of the industry’s biggest games – which includes the Atlanta-based Call of Duty League team.

Hence making Faze UP a great opportunity for the Faze Clan to find someone who checks all their boxes when it comes to finding their next star. 

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