06.02 2020 12:26h

VSCO Has Officially Rolled Out Video

Should we brace ourselves for... VSCO Vloggers?!?
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Gen Z and millennials have a new and up-to-date photo sharing app, VSCO has become one of the favourites for this group of people as would any photo sharing app.

Guess whats even better… video editing is officially available to users via its app. There was an issue initially wherein users weren’t able to publish and share their long form of video content… but that’s changed now.

VSCO has showed signs that they intend to grow in the video market which they proved by acquiring video technology company Rylo.

According to TechCrunch“. . . VSCO’s mission is to help people become better creators, and video is a creative frontier we’re increasingly passionate about and focused on, Video editing for VSCO X members is a first step into what we see as limitless possibilities for video editing tools on VSCO.”

The app is gradually making its place as 88% users are millennials or generation Z, as well as 70% of the community is creating content daily. The company reported last year that they have passed a key milestone by surpassing 30 million monthly active users in its app.

The company hasn’t dived deep into video in the past, apart from experimenting with other formats was with the launch of the GIF-making DSCO, which was folded into the main VSCO app in February.

The iOS version is available to users now, whereas the android version is certainly coming soon.

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Photo credit: Shutterstock.


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