09.02 2020 10:57h

Here's How You Can Hack The Instagram Algorithm in 2020

Choose who you actually want to see within your IG feed
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Whether you graduate, move to a new city, or become obsessed with a new interest and find a community, Instagram is making it easier to manage the accounts you follow so that they best represent you. So Instagram has pulled out all the stops with its newest listings for your followings.

This new feature allows you to see the accounts you follow easily as it becomes organized by category and you can edit from there. The two new category listings will allow you to see which accounts get the most visibility on your feed and the accounts you rarely engage with.

How it Works:

  • Go to your Instagram Profile and click on “Following”
  • From there, you’ll see Categories, including “Most Shown in Feed”, “Least Interacted With”
  • You  can also sort your following list from earliest→ latest followed, or vice versa
  • You can manage the accounts you follow easily from there - by changing your follow status or clicking the 3 dots to Manage Notifications or Mute the account. 

This new feature is an important and useful initiative from Instagram as it will be prove to be beneficial for its users. In terms of business use, it could help business accounts pinpoint fans or consumers who are no longer engaged with the messages, thus providing highlighted content variables that the business can shift.

Instagram users are actually on board with this new feature as many social media gurus have found out that the old “follow-for-follow” attitude isn’t effective on Instagram anymore. This is mostly due to the fact that Instagram users have become more selective and have increased their awareness on how these accounts they have chosen to follow will impact their experience.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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