09.02 2020 12:34h

You Can Now Upload TikTok Videos From The Comforts of... Your Desktop!

Life just got a whole lot easier for all you social media managers out there
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This option is officially a handy tool for all digital marketers out there looking to use the trending video application, TikTok.

Users can now upload their videos on TikTok through their own laptop via the desktop version of the application, according to social media guru and Geekout podcast host Matt Navarra.

This process is helpful for those managing many social media accounts from a single workstation as it saves them from having to take out their phone for specific uses. This option will also allow them to upload more polished, edited content which falls in line with the traditional branch approach.

This option gives users more opportunity to consider their editorial approach as well add TikTok’s videos to their editorial views.

Despite various concerns with its moderation processes, its data gathering and sharing, its relationships with influencers, etc. Tiktok does offer this considerable opportunity for marketers and brands that are looking to connect with younger audiences, according to Social Media Today.

You can access TikTok's desktop upload option here, but you need to be logged into the platform in order to access the new feature.

Happy uploading!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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