10.02 2020 10:34h

Harley Quinn Makes A Guest Appearance on Fortnite

The battle royale game has decided to role out a Harley Quinn skin in honour of the new film, Birds of Prey
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To honour the newest Harley Quinn movie, Birds of Prey, Fortnite has introduced a Harley Quinn skin to the game.

The developer Epic Games announced that Harley Quinn’s skin will be available in Fortnite’s in-game shop on February 6 2020, which happened to be just before the movie would be released in theatres.

Fornite is introducing a bundle relatively connected to Harley Quinn, as the skin will include other cosmetics like a pickaxe as well as a collection of in-game challenges that players can complete in order to unlock another outfit which is called “Always Fantabulous Harley.”

Fortnite is on a roll as Harley becomes the third DC Comics character to be playable in Fortnite. Batman and Catwoman were available last year and they were timed with an event that also dropped Gotham City onto Fortnite’s Island.

The bringing of iconic faces and character to Fortnite is something that Epic Games is no stranger to. For this builds a unique universe for Fortnite players and constantly keeps the fans engaged. Epic released official skins for Star Wars’ Rey and Finn, Marvel’s Black Widow and Star-Lord, and John Wick last year according to The Verge. Epic Games has started to introduce skins based on real people as well, as they released a skin based on Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in the beginning of January.

In addition to the new Harley Quinn skin, Epic has added a new Search and Destroy limited time most as a part of its Love and War event. The new mode revolves around pitting two teams against each other to destroy or defend a bomb, depending on the side the player is on. There are challenged involved in this mode as well, that if players complete they can earn cosmetics.

The Love and War event ends on Feb 17 - three days before Fornite’s next season according to Epic.

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