24.02 2020 11:17h

You Can Now Update Old Tweets... Kind of

While it might not be a full-blown edit feature, Twitter fans can now "add on" to their older tweets
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This newest update will be providing a simple and efficient way to add new tweets onto old ones already posted, as shown below by Twitter...

After the announcement of this update, Twitter users took to the application and continuously asked for Twitter to release an edit option for their tweets. Despite the fact that Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, had already announced that an editing option is never going to happen.

So now twitter users can easily link a new tweet to an old one which provides an easier way to create tweet threads on Twitter.

This update also provides a way to add more context to older tweets through the use of updates, rather than trying to cover everything in one new tweet.

Users can add onto previous tweets with updates or continuations and businesses can use this feature to announce competition winners, providing updates on older, in progress issues, referring customers to previous support notes, updates to previously shared documents and more, according to Social Media Today.

This update may not be what twitter users have been asking for, but it’s definitely a feature that can come in handing for those tweeting stories, updates and more – as they would need to refer back to their old tweets to provide updates or continuations.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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