24.02 2020 09:25h

Facebook is Making Some Big Changes to FB Stories

The social networking platform is testing out a new Stories format
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Stories are the future of social sharing and Facebook is doing everything it takes to encourage users to create more Story content for its platform.

The social networking giant has continued its onward march with Facebook Stories by testing out a new format for its separate Stories discovery page, which you can access by tapping on the 'See All Stories' prompt underneath the main Facebook Stories bar, according to Social Media Today.

The latest format of this test was shared on Twitter by Guillaume Baratte – this shows the new format with larger panels for certain Stories among the rest, which can be compared to Instagram’s bigger panels for IGTV, Stories and Shopping highlights in the Explore Tab.

The work Facebook has been doing in order to add a separate Stories Discovery Tab has been going on for some time. For example last June, Ahmed Ghanem had also shared an image on his Twitter account of the same “All Stories” option, however, at that stage Facebook had not featured the larger panels that they added into the newest format.

Facebook has 500 million users engaging with its Stories every day, meaning that 30% of all Facebook’s daily active users check them out every day, according to Social Media Today. The improvement of discovery could end up being the key in order to align the format with Instagram’s Explore page.

With this new format of Facebook Stories and Discovery page, Facebook could be seeing more user engagement as it follows the format of Instagram.

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