26.02 2020 11:20h

You Can Now "Pin" Stickers on Your TikTok Videos

Yet another new way to get creative on the short-form video-sharing platform
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TikTok users can officially pin stickers onto their TikTok videos starting this week as the company has launched this new feature.

Sticker pinning enables users to attach the chosen sticker onto an object in the video clip in order for it to stay in place and change size in respect to the video’s movement, according to Social Media Today.


Now Introducing: STICKER PINNING! Pin stickers to your videos and make magic happen.

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The demonstrative video above shows how users can pin a sticker by selecting the placement of where the sticker should be attached within the video, and users can use the slider underneath to find the right spot.

In addition to placing the sticker, users can also decide how long they would like the sticker to appear in the video through the use of the “Duration” option, according to Social Media Today.

As soon as the sticker is attached it will move along with the video and stick to the object it is meant to be pinned onto, a design somewhat similar to Snapchat and Instagram.

However, the functionality of the new sticker pinning option will provide more options in the creative department for TikTok users and TikTok content creators.

Tiktok’s Sticker Pin feature is available in the latest version on the app, all users have to do is update the application and stick as they wish!

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