27.02 2020 10:52h

What You Need To Know When Editing Your Photos In Instagram

The best practices when it comes to using IG's built-in features to "touch up" your pictures
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As an Instagram user who wants to benefit the most out of the application it does help to improve your pictures with a little bit of magic by adding a filter here and there before you post your photo.

After all professional photographers – and those planning to become photographers – edit their images by tweaking the saturation, colouring, etc. within Photoshop before sharing them with the world.

First, to become Instagramable means your photos have to be visually pleasing for the eye and luckily for Instagram users, the applications included “easy-to-use” filters and editing tools to make their photos and videos “Instagramable” according to The Verge.

How to Use Instagram’s Editing Tools

  • Upload the photo – using the “+” button which is located at the bottom of the screen in between the search and notification button
  • Choose the photo – from your phone’s photo library or one that you decide to take using the application’s built in camera
  • Resize the photo if necessary through the use of the <> button on the lower-right corner
  • Hit next and edit – at this point you should be on the filter screen and if you tap on one of the filters it automatically edits the photo
    • However, if you want to edit the % of the filter on your photo click on the filter’s thumbnail one more time and drag the circle to dial down the intensity of the filter on your photo
  • If the photo needs to be edited more hit the edit button
    • Here you will see simpler adjustments in order to edit the brightness, warmth, saturation, etc which when clicked on will show a slider in which you can drag the circle to the left or right to edit your photo
  • Once the photo is edited to your liking, hit the done and next button and voila! All that is left is to write a caption, tag people, tag your location, and share your photo

Once you get a hang of the editing process and decide on which filters are your favorites, you can manage it to make life easier. The filters you use the most will appear at the beginning and you’ll be able to “hide” the ones you rarely use.

All you have to do is slide to the right on the filter page, choose “Manage” to go to a new menu that will let you to rearrange the order of the filters by using the three-stripe button on the left and dragging it up and down into the order of your choice, according to The Verge.

So go ahead, edit your photos on Instagram and find your IG aesthetic.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.


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