02.03 2020 10:28h

Facebook is Rolling Out... 3D Photos ?!?

The platform will soon allow you to turn your "regular" images into a three-dimensional work of art
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The first time Facebook had introduced 3D photos was in 2018, and the technicality of the details were shared a month after its release, according to TechCrunch.

At first it was only available to users who had owned a dual phone camera - which was not very common then. However, recently Facebook has released an update to bring 3D photos to those with single camera phones.

The details behind the 3D photos basically begins with the 2D photo being analyzed and then sliced into multiple different layers that will then move separately when the user tilts or scrolls on the phone.

With the new update Facebook will be released this 3D option to users with single camera phones, this could prove to be an issue as the dual-camera feature helps the system determine distance which then helps the system know how to slice the photo, according to TechCrunch.

However, over the last few years Facebook’s computer vision team has been working on ways to make it possible to turn pictures into 3D photos without the dual-camera input and recently Facebooks team has succeeded with their mission.

This advance in technology means that many relatively modern single camera phones would be able to use this 2D-to-3D feature on Facebook. For even Google’s Pixel series is now supported and the single-camera iPhones which include from the 7 forward, according to TechCrunch.

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Photo Credits: Shutterstock.


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