05.03 2020 10:09h

Instagram's IGTV Might Get a New Video Response Option

But are they simply copying a popular TikTok feature? You be the judge!
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Instagram is looking to add a new “Video Reactions” option, is is currently in testing, that would enable IGTV creators to let their viewers respond to their IGTV content with video content of their own, according to Social Media Today.

In this tweet posted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram has introduced a new “Video Reactions” option that has been built into the IGTV upload process, which content creators could activate and allow their viewers to reply with their own reaction or response videos.

IGTV’s “Video Response” option sounds similar to TikTok’s video Reactions option, which is as it sounds, a viewer’s video reaction to another user’s original video post, according to Social Media Today. TikTok’s experience has been shaped by Reactions and Duets which has provided a way for viewers and fans to share their creative video responses to clips posted by other users.

Regardless of the fact that IGTV has not had its big break just yet, oncoming updates and features like IGTV content monetization could be the factor that lures content creators to post content onto the platform. 

The nature of TikTok revolves around the fact that the clips posted on the platform are short in nature thus making it easier for viewers to react to the clips; however, IGTV’s video nature is much longer than that of TikTok’s thus making it quite difficult to imagine how this new feature-in-testing could work with the platform, according to Social Media Today.

Due to the lack of details regarding this newest feature there is not much to go on at this point of its development, yet it would definitely be an interesting feature to see Instagram roll out onto IGTV.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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