05.03 2020 11:30h

AI Tools Help Facebook Catch Billions of Fake Accounts Each Year

Scammers and fake account creators, beware...
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Facebook is about to spill the beans on the behind-the-scenes tool it uses in order to reveal and combat fake account creation on its platforms. This behind-the-scenes tool is a new artificial intelligence method known as Deep Entity Classification (DEC), according to The Verge.

DEC is an AI machine learning model that takes into the activity of the suspected account as well as evaluates all the information regarding the account such as its behaviours and the pages it interacts with. DEC has reduced the amount of spam and scam accounts on Facebook’s platform by 27%, Facebook says.

In the past year, DEC has caught and combated more than 6.5 billion fake accounts of scammers and spammers on Facebook. Most of these accounts were caught in the creation process, and those who manage to get past the creation process Facebook’s DEC discovers them before real Facebook users come across the accounts and report them, according to The Verge.

An estimate of 5% of all 2.89 billion monthly active users on Facebook are fake accounts that violate the terms and conditions of the platform, according to The Verge, of these accounts, scammers, spammers, and those trying to receive personal information and financial information from other users are all included.

DEC is an essential tool in Facebook’s belt, as it looked at the suspected accounts and the activity they carry out. For last year, Facebook and Twitter had to shut down a  network of fake accounts that constantly pushed pro-Trump propaganda on their platforms. This propaganda has used AI tools in order to create deceivingly real profiles and profile photos.

The DEC has been a useful addition to Facebook's platform in its fight against spam, fake and scam accounts on its platform.

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