09.03 2020 12:43h

New Restrictions Are Coming to Instagram Very Soon

Say goodbye to being "stealth" on the platform
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First, Instagram had launched a "Restrict" option in order to assist its users to manage the flow of comments on their accounts, last October.

Instagram, however, has started testing its newest step in the process which would allow users to Restrict not one but multiple users with one swift push of a button, directly from their comments list, according to Social Media Today.

In the example below, shared by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong is the new process that allows users on Instagram to select the multiple comments and accounts from their posts and streams, then Restrict these users in one tap of a button, according to Social Media Today.

The Restric mode on Instagram is another option for users who want to manage their post comments in order to pluck those who publish offensive comments and those users do not even want to comment on their accounts, just like a weed. However, once users have chosen to Restrict those accounts, the comments on the user's post will only be visible to them, while users have the opportunity to view each comment and approve every comment and account, according to Social Media Today.

The ability for users to Restrict multiple accounts at once is helpful for those that recieve waves of unwanted attention on their profile and their comments feed thus allowing the user to keep their discussion clear, civil and organized thus creating better engagement for the user. Restric is also "a less confronting way to limit the impact of trolls and abusers", according to Social Media Today.

So far Instagram has simply confirmed the test, yet there has not been an official announcement as to when this feature would be released to the public. Stay tuned to Instagram's latest updates!

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Photo Credit: Unsplash


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