09.03 2020 09:24h

You Will Soon Be Able to "Pin" Your Tweet Lists

Twitter is rolling out yet another new feature
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Twitter has rolled out a new brand new feature: the ability to pin Twitter lists and the option to swipe through the different feeds on Android devices, therefore giving Twitter users a new way to see and swipe through their list streams, officially rolled out this week according to Social Media Today.

This option was announced by Twitter on its platform and it was also initially launched on iOS last September in order to give users another option to view twitter content and an easier way to view their lists.

The iOS and Android version both allow users to pin up to five lists that they have selected within their "Lists" settings as they prefer to have them appear as feeds from their timeline.

Users can view where they are within their twitter streams based on the grey markers on the bottom with the title of each feed shown, as this option will be giving users many ways to access these specific discussions on the platform thus making it an "engaging, interactive experience", according to Social Media Today.

However, it is important to mention that Twitter has not given any data on how popular the option has been on iOS, according to Social Media Today.

The social media platform has been looking for a way to make topics a bigger focus by providing more options and tools for users in order to help them stay in touch with various subjects and topics. 

And with that it is time to announce that pinnable tweet lists are available on Android now!

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Photo Credits: Unsplash


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