10.03 2020 15:42h

How To Write A Viral Tweet: Twitter Shares What It Takes

The micro-blogging platform wants to help YOU with your content
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For many brands and marketers, Twitter is an effective tool when it comes to sharing updates and news. It’s also a great way to quickly connect with an audience and receive immediate feedback on a product or service.

But what actually goes into creating a “good” tweet vs. a “bad” tweet? Is there even such a thing? And how can you ensure your tweet has the best possible change of “going viral”?

Twitter has recently share insight into what goes into creating an “effective” Tweet.

According to Social Media Today, Twitter's creative lead Joe Wadlington (@JoeWadlington) is sharing Twitter copy tips on its @twitterbusiness account.

This isn't the first time the micro-blogging platform has shared insight into best practices across the platform. Back in February, Twitter started an initiative to provide its users with more information when it comes to creating great content that resonates with audiences across the platform.

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