16.03 2020 15:17h

We Might Soon Be Able to Re-Share Live Content on IGTV

Get ready to repurpose all those awkward Q&A's or live unboxings into full-blown videos
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Instagram is testing out it's newest option to re-share user's live videos to their IGTV content and this option could be a way to help users boost their presence and maximize their content on Instagram, according to Social Media Today.

This new option being tested was reported by reverse-engineering mastermind Jane Manchun Wong which would enable users to share their Instagram live streams directly to IGTV as soon as their broadcast has ended allowing their viewers access to the video after the live stream had ended.

This option would be a much easier way for users to build their content library on IGTV as there have been multiple announcements from Instagram about monetization options for IGTV.

The placement of live videos on IGTV could give the platform a more authentic edge to a user's content production and content library available to their viewers. However, if IGTV users want to edit their live videos they must first download it after the live stream has ended and edit it to make it a more polished version of the original authentic live stream.

However, according to Social Media Today, there is no official word from Instagram regarding the new option's release on IGTV. 

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Photo Credits: Shutterstock


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