22.03 2020 10:19h

How Brands Are Still Running Amazing Influencer Campaigns In The Wake of COVID-19

It’s business as usual for these three brands who are making the most out of self-isolating content creators...
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Although a vast majority of people worldwide have been 'working from home', the global Coronavirus pandemic has not detered some brands from running their social media campaigns to drive public awareness and entertain.

There is a lot brands can do in order to carry out campaigns while still remaining safe amidst this pandemic. Influencers can help spread relevant messages and brand awareness while remaining in indoors. Creativity is key!

For example, Chipotle, Head and Shoulders and Sephora have carried on full-steam ahead with their influencer campaigns on social media. 

Chipotle has taken to Twitter and Instagram by continuously posting the fact that it plans on carrying out multiple live-streams in the days to come for "lunch parties" on zoom and Instagram Live. 

Here's a tweet from Chipotle inviting users to be a part of Luke Bryan's delivery party:

Here is another one from the brand inviting users to join a meditation session with Whole 30's co-founder Melissa Urban:

It's really as simple as starting live streams and group video sessions on Zoom, Skype, or  Instagram Live in order to allow users who are working from home or in quarantine to feel included and updated on events and information.

Another brand who has taken campaigning to a different meaning is Head and Shoulders, for its comedic approach and its collaboration with Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. Now the Head and Shoulders campaign took to live tv on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert but instead the host and comedian had entitled it as The Lather Show. 

Now this campaign was brought forward by Stephen Colbert as well as Head and Shoulders in order to inform users about social distancing as well as entertain those who are under quarantine and self-isolation.

For brands who are lookimg to increase their awareness during this time, it's as easy as pairing up with a famous influencer or comedian to promote the product on social media in a fun, lively, personal and engaging way. 

Sephora has continued with its campaigns as well, as it's taken its campaigns and content onto YouTube by publishing collaborative videos with Marc Jacobs Beauty and Biossance. Maybe these videos have been pre-recorded at a time before the self-quarantine and self-isolation has taken place but this is still a great way for brands to continue their marketing strategies and ultimately reach their consumers. 

Despite the current state of events, your brand has the ability to reach millions of people at the touch of a button, especially since global social media use soars amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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