24.03 2020 10:28h

Instagram’s Newest Feature : Disappearing Messages

A disappearing act magic trick brought to you by IG
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We’ve all know that it's possible to delete messages now get ready for them to disappear all at once with Instagram’s latest addition to the Direct Messaging tools, according to Social Media Today.

This latest feature has been confirmed by Instagram and spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong.

The disappearing messages option at this stage at most would basically mean that all of a user’s messages would disappear from the chat window after they had read them and moved onto another page within the app, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong.

Now with this new feature it seems, according to Social Media Today, that there is no time limit controls within Instagram's auto-delete settings for its direct messaging. It is also important to mention that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is looking to add the same feature, with added control for these disappearing communications.

It's no secret that Facebook is looking towards integrating all of its messenging apps, Instagram's DMs, WhatsApp Messaging and Facebook's Messenger all into one application so users can communicate across all platforms. This integration was announced in August 2019, according to Social Media Today.

Which means that these disappearing messages tool will be offered across all three applications and as soon as they have integrated into one in order to allow users to access all three messaging applications in one application the disappearing messages tool will be offered in the main window, according to Social Media Today.

Given Instagram's confirmation on the latest feature, users should be seeing the option roll out in the near future.

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Photo credit: Shutterstock


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