24.03 2020 15:41h

Twitter's "Manipulated Media" Will Stand Out on Your Feed Now

Twitter is taking manipulated and fake information seriously, so keep an eye out for its "Manipulated Media" tags.
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Last month, Twitter had announced its newest feature the "Manipulated Media" tag which was originally designed to reduce the effects of fake and digitally edited videos that could misrepresent given incidents.

For example, Twitter had first applied the tag a couple weeks ago on a video featuring the US Presidential candidate Joe Biden which had been re-tweeted by President Trump, according to Social Media Today.

This tag's application is meant to keep users aware of manipulated media although when it first was applied the label was too small which made it hard to notice and easily missed by users according to Social Media Today. So this week, Twitter had taken feedback into consideration and is looking for a way to make the tag more obvious in the coming weeks. 

Now that Twitter has taken action against deepfakes and manipulated media on its platform, users will be better able to understand and distinguish fake content with some assistance from the link on Twitter's help page

What are your thoughts? Do you think more social platforms should follow suit?

Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Unsplash


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