30.03 2020 11:25h


Global user behaviour continues to change rapidly in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic...
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Facebook said Friday that it's seeing a drastic increase globally in the number of people who watch live videos on the social network as more people spend time indoors and distance themselves from the public amid global lockdowns taking place. 

According to Fidji Simo, head of Facebook's main social network "Messaging and voice calls from Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp services have jumped more than 50% in some of the regions hit hardest by the response to Covid-19. The number of people watching livestreams on the Facebook Live video feature has increased by 50%."

Facebook has been moving quickly to meet the demands of global users who are stuck at home by making Facebook Live more accessible to those who do not even have a Facebook account. Additionally, the platform has made moves in expanding its digital tipping product so viewers are able to send money to creators and small businesses during the economic downturn. 

Do you think more social media platforms should upgrade their services to meet the incredible rise in user demand?

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