30.03 2020 15:13h


Perfectly curated feeds have been replaced by less glam selfies and iPhone notes which aim to shed light on the current reality which the global community is grappling with...
Influencers, Social media marketing, Coronavirus outbreak 2020

The carefully curated aesthetic which we have come to know and expect on Instagram have been slowly disappearing, minus the occasional #throwbacks, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent global lockdowns.

Do people still care to see perfect outfits and glamorous vacation photos when almost every single person on earth has been affected some way or the other by the virus?

Dubai based Lebanese influencer Ghida Arnaout of @monkyseemonkydo, recently posted on her feed a note to her followers which chronicles how she is currently facing the global pandemic and how her everyday reality has impacted her both mentally and emotionally.

Similarly, US based influencer Katie Sands has posted notes of encouragement and enlightenment to her followers, stressing the importance of self-reflection and patience in a time when isolation is mandatory for most. 

How does the current global situation affect influencers and social media marketing as a whole? 

Influencer marketing proves extremely powerful in times of crisis if managed well and with significant expertise.

Influencers can create persuasive content to help brands in their digital efforts to hold onto customer trust, loyalty and purchase, especially during times where purchasing habits and needs are ever-changing. They can drive e-commerce sales as consumers find themselves in a new, extended stay-at-home economy. Influencers have the unique ability to reach brands’ audiences on the very devices and platforms they are turning to for information, enjoyment and connection.

It is important to note that in times of crises, consumers want to see content that is relatable and sensitive and through the strategic use of social media, influencers are able to consequently connect on a personal level and drive the conversation through a wider community.