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Brands are leveraging the #STAYHOME regulations to devise campaigns that spread necessary health and safety information
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Dettol via Tik Tok

Globally, brands are leveraging the power of social media influencers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, to help spread messages of awareness, social distancing and cleanliness as traditional shoots and events have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Influencers are involved in posting educational videos, challenges and games and also conducting live stream videos to engage with their fans on a more personal level.

In India, RB hygiene brand Dettol has been running #HandWashingChallenge campaign on TikTok which has resulted in over 18 billion views and consequently generated over 123,000 user participation videos since March 14th. 

According to Business Insider, Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer of RB Health South Asia said “Influencers help to give a campaign momentum. These are the people who consumers tend to listen to and follow. If they give a message out in the right way, it definitely gives a brand enough momentum." 

The campaign caught on quite quickly with famous Bollywood faces joining the movement shortly after. Popular celebrity Kartik Aaryan took part in the challenge by engaging with his millions of followers on TikTok.

Similarly in the UAE, Dubai based Moroccan mum influencer Najla Loualid teamed up with Dettol on a campaign which highlights the importance of cleanliness and hygiene amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Whether from door handles, bells, smart phones, or shoes; germs and bacteria that cause illnesses can easily be transmitted from the outside. Taking the situation that we are in, nothing is more important than making sure that all areas and surfaces in our homes are cleaned and hygiened from external microbes. I always make sure to use Dettol antibacterial products in my house to guarantee the safety of my family. Share with me where you Dettol your home down below. @DettolArabia #Dettolalatool #Dettolalways #Stayhome ——————————————————— #boysmom #positivity #antibacterial #stayhealthy #dubai #stayhome #dubailife #dubaimoms #kids #tv #tvpresenter #family #smile #المغرب #مصر #الامارات #عمان #الاردن #العراق #السعودية #قطر #كويت

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Such campaigns further cement the fact that influencer marketing can continue to reach consumers directly in their homes, via their smartphones and laptops, to spread key messages promoting the importance of safety and well-being in a time when factual information has never been more needed.

Would you like to see more brands promote the importance of health and safety during this time?

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