05.04 2020 11:19h

Higher Usage on Snapchat Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Snapchat has outlined its key trends amidst this lockdown...
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During this period of time, social media platforms have been experienced record usage as of late.

Due to the fact that people are stuck inside their houses amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, users seek an outlet to stay connected with the world beyond their homes.

Snapchat has reported significant usage according to Social Media Today.

This week, Snapchat released an update on the usage trends along with some notes on the trends that have been gaining speed. This could provide some valuable insight for marketers and brands looking to increase performance during this lockdown, according to Social Media Today.

Firstly, Snapcaht has seen a 50% increase in video calls and 25% more time spent using Lenses on its application, according to Social Media Today. Snapchat says that it's seeing more interest in:

  • Online shopping for athleisure, pet products, and home goods are trending as Snapchatters spend more time shopping on their phones.
  • As consumers are looking for alternatives to dining out and at-home cooking, food delivery - primarily prepared foods - is taking off with increases in web visits and responses to app install ads.
  • There's also been a spike in interest fitness & wellness, streaming & music, gambling games, and mobile gaming, as public entertainment and fitness venues are shut down in major portions of the country.
  • More people are exploring hobbies like interior decorating and crafts, e.g. DIY videos.
  • Online meditation services are seeing an increase in activity.

As a result of this insight, there has been an increase in Snapchat's install volume for app ads by 36% and a 19% increase in swipe-up rates over the last month, according to Social Media Today.

This data shows that it is possible for businesses and brands to create a social media presence as people are looking to purchase products online rather than in-store during these trying times.

Check out Snapchat's full report here.

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