06.04 2020 12:17h

"Lists" are turning into "Channels" to Boost Content Exposure on Twitter

Pending improvements on the social media platform...
The Twitter application is seen on a smartphone in this photo illustration on December 4 2017 Photo by Jaap ArriensSipa USA
The Twitter application is seen on a smartphone in this photo illustration on December 4 2017 Photo by Jaap ArriensSipa USA

Twitter is changing it up by considering transforming the name of its "Lists" tab in the application to "Channels" in order to encourage further content discovery and exposure, according to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong.

The "Lists" tab on the left-hand of the menu has been changed to "Channels", as seen in the post above. The function of the Channels tab is relatively the same as when users tap/click on it, they'll be able to see a collection of all the "lists" they've created over time, according to Social Media Today. However, re-naming the tab would focus on switching it to an alternate timeline based on topic rather than how most people use Twitter Lists now.

Twitter as a social platform has been working on making topics more of a focus as it facilitates the capacity for users to follow specific topics rather than profiles, as well as providing users an option to pin swipeable list feeds within the application, according to Social Media Today.

Twitter's idea behind this is meant to increase tweet discovery, for Twitter would rather have its users easily keep up with a range of different discussions in the application rather than having them "confined" by their home feed, according to Social Media Today. Users can officially stay up to date with whatever is happening across a variety of areas of interest while still being able to maintain their core news feed.

As of now there has been no official word from Twitter as to how far along this change might be in development or if it will ever be released. However, "it seems likely that Twitter will look to roll this out sometime soon", according to Social Media Today.

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