07.04 2020 11:16h

Snapchat Provides Marketing Tips for Brands

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Brands are looking for tips and tricks to find ways to connect with their audience..
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Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, marketers and brands have been grappling with themselves trying to figure out the best approaches they can take in order to help keep their business running during this pandemic.

This week, Snapchat has provided some tips on how brands must evolve and change their messaging techniques in order to fit in with the shifting expectations and needs during this crisis, according to Social Media Today.

This is a difficult time for all so maintaining this balance is as crucial as it is difficult.

It is important for brands to not push inappropriate or insensitive content; however, at the same time there will be economic impacts due to businesses closing amidst the COVID-19 lockdowns, according to Social Media Today.

"Rather than using a global crisis as an opportunity to promote your brand, [you need to] craft thoughtful messages and create valuable experiences for Snapchatters," Snap says. "These best practices are true for any time, but should be particularly top of mind during uncertain times like this. As our community looks for guidance, perspective, and resources, brands can adjust their campaign messaging to support Snapchatters when they need it most."

Just below, Snapchat has outlines a range of key points and tips aligned with brand approaches during COVID-19:

  • "Help spread positivity by giving Snapchatters something to smile about" - At this point in time most audiences are looking for distractions, positive intereactions in order to keep their spirits up while the lockdowns are in place. Audiences are looking for positive content, aligned with their brand messages, thus making this a good way to connect with the audience and contribute beneficial aspects to society.
  • "Gamifying your brand messaging can help entertain and engage Snapchatters at length" - Snapchat makes note that gaming is rising to the top as people are searching for things to keep themselves occupied amidst this lockdown. If brands gamify their approach, that could help brands provide utility, while also helping themselves maintain connections with their audience. 
  • "Lift the community up by spreading awareness of local causes" - Brands and marketers should help the businesses that will be impacted the most amidst the COVID-19 shutdowns such as small, local businesses and community clubs/groups. If businesses and brands can find a way to help promote or assist these organizations in anyway it would help these brands integrate with the community and provide a functional value for the audience. 
  • "Above all else, stay connected to your customers" - Snapchat advises brands to look for ways to ensure that their audience and customers feel supported rather than have them feeling like brands are using this lockdown as an opportunity for hard selling. This is the time for brands to get into the core of their brand "why" in their messaging.

Snapchat has outlined more tips and notes in their full post, but these are a few important notes that hold the core message of marketing at this time. Brands must consider the benefit they could provide in these times of need and they need to use that in order to help and stay connected to their audience, according to Social Media Today.

Check out Snapchat's full list of tips here.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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