08.04 2020 13:01h

COVID-19/5G Conspiracy Theory Videos on YouTube Will be Restricted

Any ideas regarding COVID-19 and 5G conspiracy linked together will be restricted on YouTube.
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via Youtube

The confirmation of the recustion of recommended and distributed videos which promote conspiracy theories that are linking the spread of COVID-19 to 5G technology will be reduced by YouTube, according to Social Media Today.

This announcement by YouTube is coming after a series of attacks on cell phone towers within certain regions, according to The Guardian in the UK

Signal towers in Birmingham, Merseyside and Belfast were set on fire in the last week. These attacks have been linked to the rising conspiracy theory, and even mobile carrier workers have reportedly been subjects of abuse due to the concerns people have about 5Gs role in the pandemic.

The rumor that is currently circulating on the internet suggest that 5G signals intensify the spread of the virus. The core of the concept revolves around the use of 5G in Wuhan, which is where COVID-19 originated from. So as the theory goes, Wuhan is the first region in China to get full 5G coverage, which had happened in October 2019, before the outbreak but people are linking the two together anyway. Scientists have outrightedly debunked the idea, nothing that multiple regions in China have 5G coverage, and COVID-19 has spread fast in many regions that dont even have 5G infrastructure yet.

Despite the facts, the theory has been gaining views for even celebrities like actor Woody Harrelson are re-sharing the concept, according to Social Media Today.

YouTube has announced that it will be removing any content that violates its regulations while significantly reducing the reach of "borderline" videos which could potentially push conspiracy theories.

At this point in time, information is key when it comes to combating COVID-19.

This is an important plan of action for YouTube to take - not just right now but in the future as well in order to follow idea chains that could lead to possible dangerous behaviors.

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