12.04 2020 11:06h

"I Stay Home For" Sticker added on Instagram to Promote COVID-19 Lockdown Efforts

"I Stay Home For" Sticker is now available on Instagram! This week, Instagram has launched a new cause sticker for Stories which aims to highlight the importance of social distancing, and staying home to limit the spread of COVID-19.
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via Instagram

Instagram stories have experienced a rise in popularity as well as the use of stickers and effects users have been adding to their story frames and the Instagram cause-based stickers seem to be having some impact, according to Social Media Today.

Additionally, Instagram has launched a new cause sticker for Stories and this sticker's aim is to highlight how important social distancing and staying home is in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 during this pandemic, according to Social Media Today.

This new "#IStayHomeFor" sticker will give users an opportunity to increase and boost awareness through highlighting the different people that Instagram knows may be at a higher risk of being affected by the coronavirus. 

"Add the Stay Home sticker to your story, tap it and you’ll see the #IStayHomeFor option," Instagram says. "From there, you can tag the people you love."

This approach is important for the younger audience, because regardless of the fact that the available research suggests that COVID-19 does not pose a major health risk towards younger audiences; it can be fatal for those of the older generations, according to Social Media Today.

Even though Instagram's user base consists mostly of users under the age of 34 who may not consider COVID-19 to be a threat to them; Instagram is highlighting the extended impacts towards users' other family and friends. This would help underlines the importance of social distancing for the public, regardless of risk level. 

This is the latest launch of Instagram cause-related stickers, which Instagram has been using to help increase the spread of relevant issues and to increase support via the application, according to Social Media Today.

Instagram's #IStayHomeFor sticker is officially available in all regions.

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